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Oct 13

I ended up in a crying heap after reading this because my parents made the decision not the vaccinate me and my siblings - Imgur -

" People like to say that in choosing to not vaccinate, they are making the "best choice for their family", and that, after all, their children are the ones at risk, not other people’s children. No, sorry, you’re wrong. Choosing to home school is a choice that is made in the best interest of a family—it impacts nobody but your family. Choosing to eat all organic and locally grown food is a choice that impacts nobody but your family. For that matter, choosing to eat nothing but fast food and frozen meals is a choice that impacts nobody but your family. Choosing to not vaccinate impacts my family and my immunocompromised son. It impacts the teacher who is pregnant and teaching your non-vaccinated child. It impacts the man going through chemo who happened to be behind you in the grocery store when your unvaccinated child sneezed. It impacts the mom next to you at the pick up line at school who is on immunosuppressive drugs for her rheumatoid arthritis and who is bending down to hug her child just as your unvaccinated child coughs. Your "choice" has repercussions for your community."

Oct 12

10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science - - The Buffer Blog

The Guide to Strong Boundaries

New Statesman | Grayson Perry: The rise and fall of Default Man -

"When I was at art college in the late Seventies/early Eighties, one of the slogans the feminists used was: “Objectivity is Male Subjectivity.” This brilliantly encapsulates how male power nestles in our very language, exerting influence at the most fundamental level. Men, especially Default Men, have put forward their biased, highly emotional views as somehow “rational”, more considered, more “calm down, dear”. Women and “exotic” minorities are framed as “passionate” or “emotional” as if they, the Default Men, had this unique ability to somehow look round the side of that most interior lens, the lens that is always distorted by our feelings. Default Man somehow had a dispassionate, empirical, objective vision of the world as a birthright, and everyone else was at the mercy of turbulent, uncontrolled feelings. That, of course, explained why the “others” often held views that were at such odds with their supposedly cool, analytic vision of the world."

Oct 10






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White man in Dallas shoots 8-year-old black boy in the face as he plays ‘tag’ -

An 8-year-old African-American boy in Texas is struggling to recover after being shot in the face by a 46-year-old white man, but authorities have not been able to determine a motive.

Dallas police said that Donald Maiden Jr., who had just celebrated his 8th birthday on Sunday, was playing tag outside his apartment complex on Tuesday. According to his grandmother, Maiden ran inside to get some toys and was shot as came back outside.

Witnesses told police that 46-year-old Brian Cloninger had been seen waiving a handgun at people prior to the shooting, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Police reports said that Cloninger was seen standing beside his pickup truck as the boy was bleeding, and a witness asked him if he shot the boy.

“Yes I shot that kid,” Cloninger reportedly said.

Maiden’s mother, Latamarin Locklin, recalled the aftermath of the shooting to KTVT on Thursday.

“When he ran in I just screamed,” she said. “His mouth was just hanging off and it was just a big hole… I just threw him on the couch and laid him in my arms and put pressure on his mouth with the towel.”

Locklin couldn’t understand why anyone would shoot her child “out of the blue.”

Maiden was in critical but stable condition as of Thursday. He still needed a breathing tube and had a plate in his jaw. He he could wink and nod to communicate, but could not talk. The boy was expected to have more surgeries after swelling from the most-recent surgeries goes down.

Cloninger was charged with injury to a child, and was being held $2.2 million dollar bond.

Take notes “charged with injury to a child” rather than attempted murder.

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jonsnowisaninja said: all these new protests annoy me. he was armed. he shot three times at police officers. he had a bracket on his ankle because of a gun related arrest. yes he was black, but he actually broke the law this time. why are people turning a crime into a race thing?


My thoughts are scattered so this may be all over the place. But I’ll start with one thing. 

It IS a race thing.  

1. The officer had no reason to stop him. He was pulling off duty security detail. He stopped them because they “looked” like they needed to be stopped. Why else would he stop them when no crime had been called in? Maybe because of the way they look, the color of their skin. 

2. There are surveillance photos that show he wasn’t armed. The cops also say that he had a hoody on. I see no hoody, but that’s beside the point, I guess, unless we want to talk about how they can’t get their story straight. 


2 1/2: Several eye witnesses are saying that he was unarmed. It was a sandwich, they are saying. Probably the sandwich he bought at the store above. That’s hearsay at the moment but if that’s what they believe, then that adds to the motive of protesting. 

3.The cop was driving along the street, saw one of the group sporadically running (I didn’t know it was illegal, but okay) and pulled a U-Turn. When he pulled up on them they all began running. He states it was a Pedestrian Check. WTF. You’re a security guard at this point. You don’t get to do random “Pedestrian Checks.”

This location is 20 minutes outside of Ferguson. Black men are SCARED of the police. The last time a police officer, without probably cause, pulled up on a black man, he killed him. I would have ran too. 

4. The St. Louis PD is notorious for LYING. They’ve been caught on tape, paper, on the news, in front of politicians and congressman LYING THEIR ASSES OFF. The only difference between this case and Mike Brown are witnesses. Other than that, they can tell whatever lie they want and get away with it. At the current moment because we are still missing facts, whatever they say is being taken carte blanche, turning the public eye on Vonderrit "bad history" with cops instead of what actually could have happened.  

5. He unloaded 17 shots. That’s a full clip. 

6. The cop was unharmed in any way. 

7. They (the SLMPD) have already changed up their story twice. First they said Vonderrit Myers “jumped out of a bush” to attack the officer. Now they are saying that didn’t happen. Why? Because it ridiculous for someone to be hiding from the cops and then try to surprise attack them. 

8. The SLMPD also have a history of planting guns on people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiFtBuIBcwg&feature=youtu.be

Again, not saying whether Vonderrit had a gun or not; but I’m trying to paint a picture of the relationship between the cops and the citizens. I can go into detail about what horrendous acts Ferguson PD/SLMPD has done to the citizens (namely black ones). 

9. The entire community is upset. They literally had to calm the white citizens down last night because they were THAT angry. This isn’t Ferguson. This is a diverse upper middle class community I believe. When a whole community is upset (black, white, Hispanic) about the death of a black man.. you know there is something is off (hard bullet to bite but its the truth).

10. I’ll play devil’s advocate. Let’s say Vonderrit Myers had a gun and he did fire at the police. Here is excerpt from the official statement: 

An officer working department-approved secondary for a security company, wearing a St. Louis Police Officer’s uniform was in the 4100 block of Shaw when he attempted a pedestrian check. The male suspect fled on foot. The officer pursued the suspect. The suspect turned and fired a gun at the officer. Fearing for his safety, the officer returned fire striking the suspect, fatally wounding him. 

At an early-morning press conference, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson offered some more details about the incident.According to local CBS affiliate KMOX, Dotson said Myers’s sweatshirt came off during the struggle, and it was clear to the officer that he had a gun. Myers allegedly ran up a hill and turned, then opened fire.

He was able to shoot three rounds, but his gun jammed. The officer then shot 17 rounds, killing Myers. Dotson did not name Myers but said the victim “was no stranger to law enforcement.”

Even if he did have a gun, per the police officers statement, Vonderrit Myers fired three shots, then his gun jammed. This means a couple of things. 1) In order for the police officer to state that as a fact he had to REALIZE that Vonderrit Myers could not shoot back. It also means that the cop unloaded 17 AFTER THAT. He mentally deduced the gun was jammed and then unloaded SEVENTEEN SHOTS.

THAT IS POLICE BRUTALITY. At that point it is not about saving his life. One to two shots (because per the autopsy most shots were below the waist) that’s protecting your life. That’s being a police officer who has been trained to deal with a suspect. The extra 15 shots, including the one that struck him in the face? What and why would he have done that? What purpose did it serve at that point?  Especially considering he was completely unharmed?

One thing you have to remember. The St. Louis PD, Ferguson PD and the likes have a VERY BAD history with the people they are supposed to protect. Very bad. Per documents, they treat the people (and by people I mean black people) LIKE SHIT. That level of distrust just kept getting higher and higher and higher and is NOW only boiling over because they are tired of young black men dying. They have been dealing with this and now, through the murder of Michael Brown do we know about it. 

I’ll be honest with you. At this moment, without ALL the facts, I have no idea what really happened that night. I wasn’t there. I’m reading the sparse facts that have been presented to me, the same you are. I’m getting bits and pieces from the people who live in St. Louis and were in the area the night Vonderrit died.

However, I do understand why the people of that town are upset. I understand that this, ontop of John Crawford, Eric Garner,  Kajieme Powell, that Mike Brown’s killer is still free.  That no justice has been served to any of these men and for the people of this town, who are constantly use to the mistreatment served by their police, EMOTION, righteous ANGER comes first.  They feel that their lives have no value to the country that is supposed to protect them.

They are scared. They are angry. People keep dying at the hands of police officers. One in a city that hadn’t had a murder UNTIL the police did it.

So, I know you’re annoyed with the continued protests, but on a scale of one to who really gives a shit, the people of St. Louis don’t care about those who are outside of that perspective, that bubble, who are annoyed. They feel they are at war for their lives. 

I’m not giving these factoids to prove anyone innocence or guilt right now. But you wanted a reason as to why they are still protesting. This is just a LITTLE bit of it. 

Note: there may be slight errors due to the fact that information is coming out on the hour. 


America is so fucked up. They repeat history and call it a mistake. Do they not know a mistake repeated is a decision?

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Including people who get talked over -


Often, in class conversations, some students will talk over other students and not let them get a word in edgewise. (This happens a lot between male and female students. It’s not always gendered that way but that’s a common dynamic.), eg: