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Waziyatawin speaks to Occupy Oakland.

“With European countries facing bankruptcy, we are witnessing the endgame of capitalism.  The paradigm of unlimited growth is inherently unsustainable.  It always has been, but this truth is finally catching up to American society.  Given the realities of peak debt and peak oil, we are now facing the collapse of the American economy and the collapse of civilization more broadly. These, combined with the crises emerging from global warming, climate change, and the collapsing of ecosystems due to hyperexploitation means that it is time for everyone to recognize the harm of the existing systems and institutions, and to seek to dismantle them completely before it is all destroyed.  You will not find your justice in capitalism.  You will not find your justice in the colonial government of the United States.  You will find justice when the institutions of capitalism and colonialism are destroyed and replaced with sustainable ways of being that nurture and protect all life.”

Occupy—>Decolonize, y’all.