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Mollena Williams:

I’m numb on this shit. Look, white America: I get it. We don’t matter, our deaths don’t sell papers, even beloved fictional characters are devalued when they die, simply because they’re brown. I’m jaded and mad and I kind of don’t give a fuck anymore. But here goes. A woman was shot to death and bled to death and it may well be because she did not present the genitals a murder thought she needed to have in order to please him. I am too depressed to even talk about how fucked up that alone would be. But again, our worthlessness is underscored. I asked specifically what I could do because I’m a little tired of the “raise awareness!” battle cry. But I guess writing email or tweeting to Bay Area papers demanding that they report might help? Apparently public shaming still works? Maybe? I don’t have much hope that people will stop being murdering monsters because we tweet about it but maybe something can make some difference somewhere. maybe.

TransGriot: Transwoman Brandy Martell Killed In Oakland

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