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Hacker Who Exposed Steubenville Rape Case Could Spend More Time Behind Bars Than The Rapists

The Steubenville rape case helped spark a national conversation about victim-blaming and rape culture.

But the victim only got justice because Anonymous leaked significant social media evidence implicating the assailants — and for distributing those tweets, photos, and video, 26-year-old Deric Lostutter faces more prison time than the rapists got themselves.

Lostutter faces up to ten years of jail time if he’s convicted of hacking-relating crimes, all because he spread the word. Steubenville officials and FBI reps are sending a dangerous message to men who stand up against rape culture : Don’t get involved, or else.

We’ve seen these messed-up power dynamics happen again and again in this case. Stand up for Deric Lostutter and all men who defend women’s right to choose — call on the FBI to stop pursuing charges and start acknowledging the real villains in the Steubenville case!

PETITION TO FBI OFFICIALS: Deric Lostutter deserves to be rewarded for standing up for Steubenville’s rape victim, not facing ten years behind bars. Drop the hacking charges against him now.

Click here to sign — it just takes a second.

— The folks at Watchdog.net

Tracking rape culture’s social license to operate online « Maybe Maimed but Never Harmed »

…if we continue to track spam reports this way, assuming that the publication of this post doesn’t change griefers’ future behaviors, we will eventually see the pattern described above repeat. That is, we’ll see the friends of an alleged abuser start to spam FAADE by reporting themselves with griefer reports. If this hypothesis can be proven, it may provide a far more reliable red flag for identifying social groups where consent violations are likely to be covered up rather than addressed constructively.

Those social groups are, to put it politely, not places where I would want to spend much time….

Boy Scout Documents Reveal Decades of Sexual Abuse - NYTimes.com »

But in a sometimes jarring juxtaposition, the language of a guarded, institutional caution bleeds through too, from scout leaders who seemed to be protecting the organization, or were suffused with the belief — others might call it naïveté — that a man who had admitted wrongdoing with young boys should be given a second chance.

“He recognizes that he has had a problem, and he is personally taking steps to resolve this situation,” a scout executive wrote in a memo in August 1972 about a leader who, only a week earlier, had admitted “acts of perversion with several troop members.”

“I would like to let this case drop,” the executive continued. “My personal opinion in this particular case is, ‘If it don’t stink, don’t stir it.’ ”

“& here’s the thing about privilege & abuse: privilege structurally makes people part of the abuser class. When the privileged step over the homeless on the sidewalk, they are participating in the abuse culture that says that being homeless is an appropriate punishment for the (overwhelmingly mentally ill) ‘losers’ in our wealth worshiping culture.”

RT @KdotCdot: New…

Mother Of National Guardsman Shot By Police Meets With National Action Network - NY1.com »

…Polanco, an unarmed national guardsman, was shot dead by police early Thursday morning.

Police say Polanco was driving home from a club early Thursday morning with two female friends on the Grand Central Parkway.

Emergency service unit officers say Polanco was driving erratically and that he cut off one of their unmarked vehicles.

They pulled him over.

Two ESU officers approached his car and in moments, 39-year-old veteran ESU cop Hassan Hamdy opened fire, striking Polanco once in the abdomen.

Polanco had no gun or weapon and the passenger in the front seat told police that Hamdy opened fire before anyone could show their hands.

His mother is concerned about how her son will be portrayed as the investigation continues.

“We want to believe in the law,” Reyes said. “We don’t want to have to be afraid of the law….

Policies of Pain »

…Where does austerity fit in to this story? Mostly it doesn’t. Shaving an extra couple of points off the structural deficit will make very little difference to long-run solvency, nor will it do much to accelerate the pace of internal devaluation. It will, however, depress employment even further and inflict a lot of direct suffering too through cuts in social programs.

Why do it, then? Partly it’s because Europe is still operating on the false theory that this is essentially a fiscal issue; partly it’s to assuage the Germans, who remain convinced that those lazy Southern Europeans are getting away with something. In effect, the policy is to inflict pain for the sake of inflicting pain.

Which brings us to the question: can this go on? When do the people of the afflicted economies say that they can bear no more?

The news from Spain, with vast protests and talk of secession, suggests that this moment may be approaching fast. Also, while Greece has long since ceased to be the epicenter, things seem to be breaking down there too.

I really do think Draghi has done very well. But he can’t make internal devaluation work on his own, and he can’t save Europe if its leaders continue to think that gratuitous infliction of pain is sound policy.