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The best thing about rapidly losing weight? I might get through Burning Man THIS year without having my period.

I noticed this effect before when I was fasting regularly. My cycle lengthened, by up to as much as eleven extra days. I’ve got a spreadsheet somewhere.

(If I pushed it, I could lose my period altogether - it happens to athletes and anorexics and is called amenorrhea.)

This period was about five days late, which would have worried me if I hadn’t already known about caloric restriction fucking with my cycle. Instead, I’m thrilled.

Because unless I suddenly start eating a whole lot more (which I have no desire to do), I should have about four weeks before the next round of bleeding. Which is just bloody fantastic.

Tried a new taco truck and asked if they could make me tacos with lettuce instead of tortillas. No problem.

Not only was it not a problem, it’s also the first time I’ve been able to pick up a taco truck taco and eat it LIKE A TACO.

I’m trying the super low carb keto thing. Managed to get myself into ketosis on the first day but woke up hungry in the middle of the night. It’s really weird trying to load up on fat instead of carbohydrates. But they say the fat’ll keep you from feeling hungry.

We’ll see. But I’m very proud of my breakfast soup. A) because I never eat anything for breakfast and B) I’ve never added cream to bone broth before and I can’t help but feel this bowl is just loaded with nutrients. Plus I sliced up a hard boiled egg and threw it in which came out surprisingly well. Not to mention the ginormous amounts of salt or dried onions, which make it extra savory. 

It’s a drastically different way of eating that I’ve been wary of for years. But I am curious to see what happens when I cut out all grains and sugar, for the sake of my teeth if nothing else.

It’s very strange to go out of my way to eat fatty food. But I realized the necessity yesterday after I ran out of my carb allotment and still hadn’t come close to hitting my daily caloric estimate, which I based on maintaining my current weight with no exercise. 

Near as I can tell, the idea behind keto is to get a teeny amount of your daily food from carbs and like 2/3 to 3/4 from fat, and the rest from protein. So like my personal goal is to keep it under 30 grams of carbs, and up to almost 200g of fat and around 100g of protein. Incidentally, the “normal” allotment for carbs is almost 10x the keto allotment, which is why the adjustment is so severe.

I’ve done calorie counting before using myfitnesspal and it worked really well so I’m using it again for this. Plus, you can adjust your goals and stats to work for keto, which I’ve done.

Keto’s supposed to make you feel like shit for the first while apparently,which is not so much a big deal because I’ve felt like shit for the last week anyway with round after round of stomach upset so this is a natural time to transition into something different, while my stomach is already nice and shrunk.

I’m also trying to focus on vegetables, having a salad every day, versus getting all hung up on making meaty, fatty creations. So I’m hoping the bone broth with cream will help fill in the edges. It’s one of the better soups I’ve ever made, so I’m feeling hopeful. 


I just thought everyone should know

that there is a German dessert called Spaghettieis

which is literally just ice cream made to look like spaghetti

they even put little heart wafers in it

Mountain View has the best grocery stores. I’m within longish walking distance of five natural foods places, including Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Milk Pail Market, Sprouts and this one I just discovered called Fresh & Easy which is clearly made for aspies because ALL THE CHECKOUTS ARE SELF SERVE. There are people nearby to help if you need them but otherwise they stay out of your hair and the place was fairly quiet for a grocery store.

They had a tiny but nice international section, showcasing products I’ve heard of but never seen before, like spotted dick, treacle, and clotted cream. Which all together sound like some kind of genital infection, but I’m pretty sure are dessert ingredients.

Of course, the reason I ventured forth to find a grocery store in the first place was so I could get some fresh basil to make a salad based on this recipe with the overripe tomatoes on my counter and the leftover bread from some italian delivery. Munching on it now and it’s okay, but I ran out of olive oil and I didn’t find my balsamic vinegar until too late and ended up using rice vinegar instead.