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Mountain View has the best grocery stores. I’m within longish walking distance of five natural foods places, including Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Milk Pail Market, Sprouts and this one I just discovered called Fresh & Easy which is clearly made for aspies because ALL THE CHECKOUTS ARE SELF SERVE. There are people nearby to help if you need them but otherwise they stay out of your hair and the place was fairly quiet for a grocery store.

They had a tiny but nice international section, showcasing products I’ve heard of but never seen before, like spotted dick, treacle, and clotted cream. Which all together sound like some kind of genital infection, but I’m pretty sure are dessert ingredients.

Of course, the reason I ventured forth to find a grocery store in the first place was so I could get some fresh basil to make a salad based on this recipe with the overripe tomatoes on my counter and the leftover bread from some italian delivery. Munching on it now and it’s okay, but I ran out of olive oil and I didn’t find my balsamic vinegar until too late and ended up using rice vinegar instead.