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If Hitler Had Been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be

Jake and Dinos Chapman bought several watercolors by Hitler, then, the two brothers painted their backgrounds with rainbows, smiley faces, floating hearts, and psychedelic skies. The Chapman brothers insist that they are not trying to profit from Hitler’s notoriety with their exhibition, but simply try to explore Hitler’s psychology. As you can imagine, this exhibition caused quite a bit of controversy. Some find Chapman’s work to be unethical and unrespectful, while others feel like Hitler’s art deserves to be defaced. 

Some find Chapman’s work to be unethical andunrespectful. Wait… there are people complaining that he’s being to unrespectful to Hitler? What the…

I think these are awesome. There are few things Hitler cared more about than his legacy. Mocking him is an excellent form of revenge.