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“if men don’t want to be accused of rape, maybe they’d better not get involved with women they don’t trust not to accuse them.”

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I would rather see 10 rapist go free than 1 innocent person go to prison.


Suones_Oscuros, holy… shit, wow. I mean. Damn.

I would rather see 10 rapist go free than 1 innocent person go to prison.

Studies show that rapists, on average, commit six rapes. So what you’re saying is, you’d rather see 60 women (or men, or children) raped than see one dude go to jail. That’s just…so vile. I don’t even have words for that kind of callousness.

You Might Be a “Rape Apologist” If…

Hold on one second, people.


For every person you can name who had their reputation destroyed because of a false rape claim, I can name at least four more who were silenced, dismissed and mocked for speaking up about BEING raped.

So forgive me if I could give a not one flying fuck about all the OMGpotential for lies when the reality of rape is happening every day. 

“Watch his reaction. If the word “crazy” or “sick” comes out of his mouth to excuse the accusation, beware. Look at how many other “crazy” exes the wo/man has. Has another “crazy” ex threatened to burn his apt down? Has a third been his “stalker” for 5 yrs? What’s the common denominator here? Does he go through wo/men as often as he gets his oil changed?”

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This post wins ALL the awards.

“So few rapes even get prosecuted that I don’t feel our society treats rape as a real crime. When someone commits rape, the victim gets blamed right out of the gate, and everyone comes to the rapist’s defense to offer justifications and explanations about why the survivor is just crazy. So why are we talking about it like it’s a crime? It’s not a crime, it’s an ordinary fact of life. When someone says, “X raped me,” that’s not a criminal accusation, that’s a barely-audible statement that will be mocked and torn apart the moment it gets uttered.”

On “if there’s no conviction it didn’t happen” - judasmyheart - FetLife


This is one of the more disgusting aspects of the BDSM scene in general and FL in particular. The “no snitches” attitude that, in practice, makes it worse to accuse someone of rape than to rape someone, because there is no social sanction for the latter without allowing the former.

Yeah, wouldn’t it be sad if guys had to worry about someone accusing them of rape every time they had sex, or were even alone together? Why, I’d imagine men would have to be extremely careful of which women they allowed into their lives, and would have to contrive never to be alone with strangers. They’d probably have to check dark alleys for women before they could enter one. In a world where you could just accuse someone of rape and be essentially sure there were no consequences, imagine how many men might be accused! Probably as many as one in four men would have to deal with an accusation of rape.

Thank god we have an entire society devoted to protecting men from that nightmare reality.