Do you still need more proof of rape culture?

As Noam Chomsky once pointed out for Z Magazine, old media types from the institutional bodies like American Enterprise Institute tend to regurgitate the same ideas with a reliability that is equally impressive and infuriating. While assuring the public that rape is a terrible crime, writers like Caroline Kitchens and Heather McDonald of right-wing think tank The Manhattan Institute try to claim that feminists have blown this whole rape culture thing way out of proportion.

Apparently, many women disagree. On Tuesday there were more than 1 million responses on the #RapeCultureIsWhen hashtag started by a frustrated Zerlina Maxwell in response to these right-wing narratives. 

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Keep speaking up!!!!!


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“Repeat Rape: How do they get away with it?”, Part 1 of 2. (link to Part 2)


  1. College Men: Repeat Rape and Multiple Offending Among Undetected Rapists,Lisak and Miller, 2002 [PDF, 12 pages]
  2. Navy Men: Lisak and Miller’s results were essentially duplicated in an even larger study (2,925 men): Reports of Rape Reperpetration by Newly Enlisted Male Navy Personnel, McWhorter, 2009 [PDF, 16 pages]

By dark-side-of-the-room, who writes:

These infogifs are provided RIGHTS-FREE for noncommercial purposes. Repost them anywhere. In fact, repost them EVERYWHERE. No need to credit. Link to the L&M study if possible.

Knowledge is a seed; sow it.

Reblogging because I mentioned this study in a post the other day and someone reblogged & replied insinuating that I’d made it up, but I didn’t have the citation on hand right then. As I said then: rape culture is what teaches rapists that they aren’t rapists.

^ bolded for emphasis

rape culture is what teaches rapists that they aren’t rapists.

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you know you’ve become a feminist when

Looking at a sleeping man’s hard on makes you wonder how that would work in a world where men were the default objects of rape culture and victim blaming.

"But look at that slut! Even passed out you can tell he wants it… He should have worn a chastity device if he didn’t want people to touch his junk while he sleeps. Or bound that shit up. You know any guy who doesn’t wrap is asking for it."




"It’s like being presented with a sirloin steak and being told you can’t eat it."


I presented my two dogs with an actual sirloin steak, then told them no.

Woofles didn’t even approach it when I set it down, as I hadn’t told him it was okay to do so.
Quinn approached it, completely ready to take it from the plate (as her manners are not yet as good as Woofles’ manners), was told no, and immediately backed off.

When Woofles heard the no, he turned away as well because he knew that steak was not for him to eat.

Notice how they didn’t ‘argue’, didn’t take it anyway, didn’t get aggressive, didn’t beg, or didn’t try to somehow persuade me that they should be able to have it.

They were told no, they backed off.

So, essentially, if you use that analogy to excuse rape, you’re saying you have less self control and fewer basic social manners than my two dogs.

That also probably means you should be neutered and kept on a leash.

How in the living fuck does this not have more notes?


Remember that intimate conversation you had with your son? The one where you said, “I love you and I need you to know that no matter how a woman dresses or acts, it is not an invitation to cat call, taunt, harass or assault her”?

Or when you told your son, “A woman’s virginity isn’t a prize and sleeping with a woman doesn’t earn you a point”?

How about the heart-to-heart where you lovingly conferred the legal knowledge that “a woman doesn’t have to be fighting you and you don’t have to be pinning her down for it to be RAPE. Intoxication means she can’t legally consent, NOT that she’s an easy score.”

Or maybe you recall sharing my personal favorite, “Your sexual experiences don’t dictate your worth just like a woman’s sexual experiences don’t dictate hers.”

Last but not least, do you remember calling your son out when you discovered he was using the word “slut” liberally? Or when you overheard him talking about some girl from school as if she were more of a conquest than a person?

I want you to consider these conversations and then ask yourself why you don’t remember them. The likely reason is because you didn’t have them. In fact, most parents haven’t had them.


The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons | Carina Kolodny (via sanityscraps)

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"(TW: RAPE) I have gotten one question repeatedly from young men. These are guys who liked the book, but they are honestly confused. They ask me why Melinda was so upset about being raped.
The first dozen times I heard this, I was horrified. But I heard it over and over again. I realized that many young men are not being taught the impact that sexual assault has on a woman. They are inundated by sexual imagery in the media, and often come to the (incorrect) conclusion that having sex is not a big deal. This, no doubt, is why the number of sexual assaults is so high."

Laurie Halse Anderson, author of Speak, on the question “Have any readers ever asked questions that shocked you?”

Read that again. Read it again, and again, and again. Over and over guys have asked her why Melinda was so upset about being raped. This is a girl who went to a party with friends. She was thirteen. She had a drink, because everyone else was. And a senior held her down and raped her while she was too drunk to get away.

And guys don’t understand why she was upset.

Read that again and then come back and tell me again why I should just shut up and take a joke when a comedian blows off rape as a big deal, or women’s bodies are casually treated as commodities in media. Remind me why I shouldn’t care about the very real harm that society’s treatment of women and sexual assault does.

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YES. THIS. And this is exactly why I personally think it’s important to be talking to boys about these things at an early age. I know it’s an unpopular way of speaking my opinion, but when society teaches men one thing their whole lives, and they act off of certain assumptions, it’s no wonder they seem blind-sided when they get themselves in trouble.
We shouldn’t want men to be tricked into fucking up and somehow committing a sexual abuse against us, we should want them to know as early as possible how their actions affect REAL women and the ways those women are subsequently treated by society. 
It’s not enough to teach women how to stand up and protect themselves, you NEED to teach boys exactly why that behavior is wrong and how to recognize the ways society is tricking them. 

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I am so grateful for this book, and the film of it. One night when I couldn’t sleep because I was having night terrors about a month after being raped, I stumbled across the movie while channel-surfing. It might have saved my life. A lot of things saved my life that first year.

Here’s the thing about the quote: this is not unusual. Look at Steubenville. Look at all the stories about rape in the last year, the last five years, the last decade: The concern is for the ruined lives of men who violate women. The blame is constantly shifted to women. Constantly.
These boys don’t understand why Melinda is upset because they are constantly taught that they are entitled to women’s bodies and that women who are raped are always in some way at fault.
They are not taught that explicit consent and capacity for consent are necessary.
This is why they don’t understand.
That should horrify all of us.

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"If you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it."


Central Bureau of Investigation chief Ranjit Sinha made the remark Tuesday during a conference about illegal sports betting and the need to legalize gambling. The CBI, the country’s premier investigative agency, is India’s equivalent of the FBI.

Sinha said at the conference that if the state could not stop gambling, it could at least make some revenue by legalizing it.

"If you cannot enforce the ban on betting, it is like saying, ‘If you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it,’" he said.


I am absolutely stunned.

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"Bodily autonomy isn’t only about sex. My youngest brother has a lot of allergies. No, a lot of allergies. They’ve gotten a little better with age and medication, but time was, even smelling milk or eggs or walnuts or cherries or any of a dozen other things would land him in intensive care. I’d come home from school and oops, there’d be a note on the table saying my family was at the hospital again. People didn’t understand that. Still don’t. “Milk allergy? Oh, you must mean lactose intolerance. There are pills for that now, here, have a cupcake — “ and then it’s another emergency shot of epinephrine to the leg. So I don’t have much tolerance for people who say, “Here, put this in your mouth. I know better than you what goes in it.”"

Drinkups Are Rape Culture — Medium (via mslorelei)

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This is rape culture

That is fucked up

Why are people so scared of murder? Y’all should feel pride that someone risked life in jail just to kill you

Literally that is how stupid these people sound to me rn

Tell me again why feminism isn’t important.

So glad I never had kids.

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Anonymous asked: I find the fixation that women in your profession have with "gentlemen" confusing, the word appears so frequently on your websites. I have internalised most of the concepts of the PUA community and this seems to contradict their fundamental tenet of "chicks dig jerks". I've been lead to believe that most women secretly crave brash, arseholish dudes who ignore women's feeble feminist protestations and force them into submission. Now I'm starting to question that. Please share your thoughts.



PUA as in Pick-Up-Artist culture?

Get the fuck off my blog.

No, on second thoughts, stay and listen close dickhead, you’re in need of some schooling.

The essence of PUA culture: exploiting the lack of self worth ingrained in women due to an oppressive patriarchal history designed to keep women and their bodies available and in submission to the power of ‘men’ at all times.
Doing this by undermining women’s self esteem DELIBERATELY, so they will seek approval by succumbing to society’s impossible dual expectation of women to be both modest and pure while being sexually available to men at their will, so as not to be prudish.

Women do not secretly crave brash arseholish dudes, and even just the fact that you labeled their protestations feeble and feminine speaks to how utterly repulsive this culture is, no wonder we have a problem with rape culture, when men are walking around literally thinking ‘if she says no, it’s just because what she really wants is a jerk to force her into submission.

You have literally internalised rape culture.

You disgust me.

Do you know why sex workers constantly speak of only wanting to see ‘gentlemen’? Because we are a group of women who have discovered ownership of their bodies and who have no subservience to men, who know their worth and constantly negotiate access to it with the most explicit consent available.

Why the FUCK would we let ANYONE treat us the way PUAs treat women? If someone gives me the kind of backhanded compliment taught as a technique by that group, I would kick them in the fucking teeth, I have no need or desire to please anyone by letting them trample all over me so they can feel masculine and powerful. I KNOW I’m beautiful and smart and am desired, so why would I ever put up with anyone telling me otherwise?

If you ever want to be a decent human being, forget everything you ever learned about the game and start respecting the people around you as whole people, not trying to suck the live out of everyone so you have singular, lonely moments of false power.

Fantastic reply! And this really ties in with what I was saying in a previous post about sex worker’s taking no misogynistic bullshit from dickwad customers. And if you’ve never seen a sex worker talk down a customer you’re missing out on a fantastic lesson in “how to crush a mans spirit and ego”

We know how valuable we are, we don’t need a man to validate that, so we won’t put up with your bullshit.

"If female college students start moderating their drinking as a way of looking out for their own self-interest—and looking out for your own self-interest should be a primary feminist principle—I hope their restraint trickles down to the men."

Sexual assault and drinking: Teach women the connection.

I just can’t even…


ETA: Here’s a response to that exact quote, also on Slate:

In 2012, Carolyn L. Hsu, an associate professor of sociology at Colgate University, conducted a study on campus binge drinking and found that heavy alcohol consumption “is a symbolic proxy for high status in college,” because it’s “what the most powerful, wealthy and happy students on campus do.” Hsu identifies “higher-status” groups on campus as “wealthy, male, white, heterosexual, and Greek affiliated undergraduates.” Yoffe writes that if “female college students start moderating their drinking as a way of looking out for their own self-interest—and looking out for your own self-interest should be a primary feminist principle—I hope their restraint trickles down to the men.” But a “feminist” impulse for women to protect themselves by staying sober will not “trickle down” to boys, because they’re situated at the top of the social ladder. Booze may be a common accessory of powerful men on campus, but banning it won’t rob them of their influence. We’ll see real change on college campuses when we focus on dismantling the social structures that prioritize white, straight men and marginalize everyone else.

(via It’s the rapists, not the drinking: To prevent sexual assault on college campuses, focus on the perpetrators.)

"The mutilation is a traditional practice from Cameroon designed to deter unwanted male attention, pregnancy and rape by delaying the signs that a girl is becoming a woman."

'Breast ironing': Girls ‘have chests flattened out’ to disguise the onset of puberty

Because clearly having tits is asking for it. 

TW: quotes from predators (many of which sound all too familiar)





Hannah Gadsby on rape culture (x)

Real shit

How to make a joke involving rape

mock rape culture (aka bring awareness), NOT the victim

good stuff

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"Writer Laurie Halse Anderson published an influential book in 1999 called Speak, about a high school rape and its effects on a victim. Since then, she has spoken at high schools and middle schools around the U.S., and estimates she has talked to a million kids about rape. “What really strikes me is that, when it comes to recording sexual assaults and wanting to show it off, the young men committing them are not seeing them as crimes, they see them as pranks. And there’s no point in pulling a prank unless you share it.” Anderson said parents and educators need to talk to younger boys about informed consent. “When I speak to students, I tell boys that if a young woman isn’t of age, she isn’t capable of giving informed consent, and if she’s drunk or high, there’s no informed consent. And those cases, if you have sex, you can go to jail. And the jaws drop, because right away, they think of the sex they had at a party last weekend, where everybody was wasted.”"

Sexting, Shame and Suicide | Culture News | Rolling Stone (via mslorelei)

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